Profit More. Stress Less.

3 Changes You Need to Make Today

Having been in the beauty industry for three decades, first as a business owner, and later as a coach – there are trending and common issues I experienced and see among salon and spa business owners daily.

So often when you’re in the midst the struggle you feel like you’re holding onto a tree trunk in


the middle of a tsunami – just trying to survive until the water recedes and you find dry land again.

If this is you – there’s hope! It was once me too. In the mid 90’s I had moved my salon to a space four times the size it was in, was staring down huge debt, and was a recent widow – solely responsible for the lives of our two children. Talk about a tsunami!

Survive was my middle name! Instead of ...

How to Thrive in the Beauty Industry


Have this week’s earnings gone to pay last week’s expenses?


Why do you need to identify your #Strengths? Know your strengths to focus your vision and boost performance.


Why do you need to identify your #Strengths? Know your strengths to focus your vision and boost performance.


A Planning meeting is different from a staff monthly meeting. Planning meeting are normally held if the company is looking at some big changes OR preparing for the next year (evaluating current successes and failures and planning next year goals and successes.

Below is a suggested way to start and hold powerful planning meeting.

  • Acknowledgement

Open with gifts, prizes, acknowledgement, etc. Starting with high and positive energy is a great way of having everyone leave the (hate meeting mentality”) and see this a positive experience

  • Share the successes of last year. Share the numbers.

Note: Each team member should have copies of year-end sales numbers, profit and loss statements, etc. Everyone should be on the same page!

  • Go around the room and have everyone share their ideas for growth! (This is a time that any and ALL thoughts and Ideas are accepted, we are not trying to lay out the details just have people brainstorming) What they came up with for areas of opportunity for next year!

Be sure to allow each person to express their ideas without challenging or saying w...


Your Team is Your Business Treasure ~ Invest In Them

Every successful Salon or Spa owner will tell you they spent a lot of time and money on developing their team, and that investment is what brought them to a place of great success.

As coaches we encounter many new clients who have not learned the value of providing their team with quality training and education and motivation. One way to look at this is to consider the cost of lost time and lost money when you loose a good service provider.

  • Add up how much time & money you spend:

  • Placing ads for job openings

  • Reviewing applicants to select a few interviewable candidates

  • Interviewing the candidates

  • Checking references on a couple that you liked from interviews

  • Having your manager interview the final candidates

  • Talking with your manager about their thoughts of a best fit

  • Negotiation to bring them on board

  • Orienting them on the operations of your Salon or Spa

  • Training them on your Client Service Processes

  • Setting them up as a new hire for tracking and payroll

  • Working them into the schedule

  • Answering their questions, questions, questions

And remember, bringing a new member into the team sometimes has a negative snowball affect on the rest of the team, especially if they happen to be a “bad apple”. And they haven’t made you any money yet!

This is just the basics of the ...


Salon and Spa Owners Use Your Time Wisely

As a business owner In the Salon and Spa industry it is very challenging to make the highest and best use of your time. You are confronted with many tasks and it is easy to get distracted and lose focus on the most important responsibility you have… ensuring the success of your Salon or Spa.

We’ve all done it. Started our day with great intentions to work on the projects that will help our business grow and prosper. Then the phone calls, staff interruptions, and crises begin. All of a sudden the day is gone. We end the day with a renewed commitment to getting the important tasks complete the next day, and unfortunately the same thing occurs. Before we know it weeks and months go bye an...


ou do what you can do, work on guests, take calls in between, help team members who need it, If you get “lucky” a client cancels so you can run to the beauty supply OR meet with a potential new staff member OR put out the fire that is happening… at the end of the day you fall in bed feeling like you got nothing accomplished and have so much left on your plate, THEN you wake in the middle of the night going OMG I forgot to……………………….. SOUND FAMILIAR?

If so YOU need to work on time management, You CAN get it all done but you have to have a schedule and really follow it, like you do when you are providing services.

Here is the 1st step

1. Write a list of EVERYTHIN...



As Salon & Spa Owners & Managers you have a very long to do list every day, all day long, all year long. And just when you get a few things crossed off the list a crisis occurs and your to do list gets set aside.

The statement that Time is Money is especially true in the Salon and Spa business. When we are starting a new coaching engagement with an owner they will talk a lot about what they have done and are doing to increase revenue and cut expenses. They don’t talk about what they are doing to improve time management in the business.

Spending time on managing time will help you become more profitable. If you and your management team have To Do Lists that is a great start. If not then please get those lists created. There are a lot of ways to keep these lists so it is up to you whether it is an App on mobile devices for lists or maybe your front desk software has a task or list tool if that is a better fit, and of course you can use paper and pen but we suggest you try to use technology.

Prioritize the lists based on these areas:

Priority A: what will make your business revenues & profit grow
Priority B: what will move your team to learn and improve
Priority C: everything else
Always start your day working on A’s and when they are done go to B’s, etc. Most owners and managers start their day putting out fires and handling crisis. If you start that way you greatly increase the chance that you never get through your A & B priorities. Days then Weeks then Months go bye and the tasks that will make your business revenues and profits grow and that will make your team improve get left undone.

Time is Money!


One of the most challenging conversations we have with our Salon & Spa Owners is coaching them about Pricing. The reason this is such a difficult topic is because most owners have based their pricing on what other salons/spas in the area are charging and their personal perception about their pricing rather than factual information.

The common fear within the Salon & Spa industry is that raising prices will scare away clients This is why it is very important that you do research and make pricing decisions based on facts rather than on perception.

Changing price is not something to approach casually. It is important that you have Correct industry information that will support your decision.

Two of the main things to consider about Pricing: